A Wine Selection Built on Confidence

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Some people may find that our selection lacks big names, that they can not find everything, but we can respond to this by the fact that we wanted, when we embarked on this adventure, to bring an alternative to the big websites already in and better known. Some of them have covered the chronicles, but not really for the good reasons. Others seem more to be part of the big retailer than to be a wine merchant, where advice and proximity are paramount.

On our side, we want above all to highlight the wines we know well : wines produced by winemakers striving for the quality of their wine, while respecting their terroir and their customers. Their terroir, because these vine growers have understood that a reasoned agriculture ensures the perenniality of their activity: The preserved nature allowing them to obtain the quintessence of what can provide their vines. Their customers, by guaranteeing the greatest number to obtain even a few bottles and at still affordable prices, resisting to sirens songs of exporters increasingly present in the wine trade, who relentlessly participate in the prices increase of certain appellations. (Notably in Burgundy and Bordeaux).

We naturally turned to the winegrowers we already knew as individuals, epicureans and lovers of good food. And this is still often the case for new discoveries put online. I think, for example, at the Cave de Cairanne and a friend who, during a holiday in this charming village of Vaucluse, made us taste some magnificent, rich and aromatic wines. Or the discovery of a Provence which is not only a region producing rosé wines, but indeed a land of great red wines.

Originally from Burgundy, I naturally put forward my "preferred" winemakers, who have fine and aromatic wines, powerful or supple. Those who have never closed their door, and who, I am sure, will never do it. This may seem a naive reflection, but it makes sense, due to small harvests since 2010 (it does not deal with the frosts of April 2016), and the behavior of certain large estates, which now refuse to sell to individuals, or whose "entry fees" has become prohibitive.

Our goal is to sell wines typical of their appellation, or even better, offering excellent value for money. We can however, after tasting, to review our copy. The future will tell.

The wines section of Bordeaux is managed by Sebastien. Originally from Libourne, he has forged strong ties with producers in the region as well as with certain brokers in the Bordeaux marketplace, which enable us to obtain renowned wines, Grands Crus Classés and Bourgeois wines. In view of the various cases that have covered the chronicle concerning early practices, but also because of the speculation that is currently raging, we prefer not to develop an activity of sale in primeur. Good things come to those who wait for…


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