Vintage 2015 : A great year for french wines

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As It's often the case in years ending by 5, the vintage 2015 can be considered as exceptional in many French wine regions. With an "A+" for the Rhone Valley, the Jura and the Loire Valley. This so-called "solar" vintage remains a year in which the winemakers' decisions will have been essential in order to produce balanced wines.

The whole vineyard of the Rhone Valley has had a very good year. The Syrah in the north, the Grenache in the south will evolve very favorably in time. The wines are full, tannic and powerful.


In the Beaujolais, the extraordinary sunshine experienced throughout the year, but also the low rainfall that occurred just before the harvest, allowed Gamay to be perfectly matured. 2015 is already considered as an exceptional vintage in white and red wine.


In Burgundy, this "global warming" also made possible to reach a great maturity in Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Sometimes even a little too much. It was necessary to harvest very early in the south, but also in the north, in Chablis, to maintain a sufficient acidity to balance the wines. The Côte de Nuits knows a vintage comparable to the exceptional 2005.


In Bordeaux, the harvest ended in the first week of October, with almost a month in advance, regardless of the type of wine concerned. After a period of intense drought in July, salvific rains in August and September enabled the grapes to mature very early. In red, neither of the 2 major regions (Médoc and Libournais) takes advantage: both are sublime. In white, the dry is good, but it is the sweet wines which, like the 2003 vintage, are particularly successful.


Provence has had a very early 2015 vintage, a "solar" vintage, full of warmth and sugar. The wines are powerful in rosé, white and red. There is also an exceptional year.


Alsace has also had an early 2015 vintage, with grapes sometimes over-ripened, certainly less than in 2003, but it seems good to remember that a tasting prior to purchase is particularly necessary in these vintages somewhat atypical A winemaker's vintage here.


Exceptional in the Jura in white, very concentrated. All of those that I had the opportunity to taste, on a barrel or freshly bottled, are very concentrated. Chardonnays are just fabulous.


And what about the Loire Valley, where dry, sparkling and sweet, have all the characteristics of wines for special occasions. Solar in all respects, this vintage 2015 will certainly remain in the annals. Reds are powerful and racy.


In summary, great wines in perspective, To keep or for immediate tasting (Blancs d'Alsace or Bordeaux). By our side, we make it a point of honor to taste on several sessions the wines that we put on line and are confident of our selection.


Do not hesitate to tell us about your tastings on the 2015 vintage by commenting on this article.


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