About us

Founded in 2013, defivin.com is a site specializing in the sale of wines online. Authentic Bordeaux merchant, we created this site to accompany Internet users in their purchasing process, from connoisseurs to the less experienced. We offer a very nice range of wines, champagne and spirits available at prices without intermediaries. Our approach is expressed in three words: selection, Exclusivity and Requirement.

Our collection reflects the face of all our terroirs. Each label tells a story, the experience of an owner, the truth of a terroir for those who trust us, defivin.com is synonymous with qualitative safety. Our wines live up to your expectations because we do a real tasting job. We are engaged in every link of the industry: storage, logistics, distribution and service.

Our multidisciplinary team brings together very different paths, but all of them come together on the key value of defivin.com: the passion for wine. This diversity, allows us to understand you better and to better respond to your expectations.

The world of trading is a world of contact. We demand a relational style apart, based on: advice, concrete, transparency and trust. Here are our commitments to building a lasting relationship.